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Day Tour to Sodere Spa Resort

Sodere is a leisure complex in middle Ethiopia located app. 120 km to the south east of Addis Abeba.

Duration: Full day or more

It is located on wooded shore of Awash River. A huge attraction, especially for children, are Vervet monkeys. These animals are used to contact with humans and they can be met everywhere in the complex.

Sodere is attractive for the guests for hot waters famous for their therapeutic properties. One can use them not only in the open-access baths, but also in some hotel rooms equipped with special bathtubs with the therapeutic water. Olympic-size pool should be to the liking of swimming amateurs, there are also padding pools for children. The offer also includes restaurants and shops.

Sodere is one of most popular places for weekend trips for citizens of Addis Abby and tourists. The resort became more accessible after the highway was built from Addis Abeby do Adama. It drastically reduced the duration of the trip and made a few-hour trips worthwhile.


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