Tour to Langano and Lakes Abijata and Shala

Tour to Langano and Lakes Abijata and Shala

One of the most interesting areas of the Great Rift Valley is the Region of Lakes in Ethiopia.

Duration: 2 Days

Each of seven lakes there is an interesting ecosystem. All are rich with fish and birds, including many endemic species. The Lake of Langano is best manages as a place of tourism, there are few resorts there offering comfortable accommodation, tasty food and sports facilities. What keeps citizens of Addis Abeby and tourists coming for short and longer visits is the possibility to take a bath in the waters of the lake. Why? Langano is free of schistosomiasis. It is the only place in Ethiopia, and one of few in Africa free from this disease. It is because a specific water reaction.

lakes Shala and Abijat located on the opposite side of route from Addis Abeby to Shashamane are separated by narrow, 3-kilometer dam. Despite the fact that so nearly located lakes are very different in case of the ecosystem, availability of fish and birds. Shala is the deepest lake in Ethiopia, probably the deepest in Africa north to the equator - 266 m, and Lake Abijata is shallow - max. 14 meters. Its northern part is famous for hot waters. National Park - Abiata Shala Lakes national Park - that was created here, is to protect birds, especially pelicans and flamingos.

Islands on the Lake Shala are home for many birds, for Great White pelicans it is the most important nesting place in whole Africa. The water color resembles ice Tea, which is a result of high density of salt. The park is believed to be one of seven most important nesting places for birds in Africa. Unfortunately, cutting the surrounding woods results in deserting of the terrain and led to degradation of the environment. However, it is still worth to see see the park, especially because of impressive flocks of flamingos.