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Trekking in Ethiopia

On the territory of Ethiopia, there is an enormous plateau stretching at the altitude between 2000 and 3000 meters above the sea level. In the North and in the center of the country, there are 25 mountain peaks, rising to the altitude of more than 4000 meters. Such situation has made the country win the nickname of „the Roof of Africa”, and ensures magnificent views and impressions. For instance, in the Semien Mountains, there are several mountains peaks, rising to the altitude above 4000 meters, and the highest one of them is the mountain called Ras Dashen the height of which amounts to 4630 meters. Trekking in the Semien is different than that in Nepal, or even than climbing Kilimanjaro. One does not need Sherpa, and luggage is carried by mules on their backs. The routes are easy and no one is likely to find them difficult.

Across the park, from the locality of Debark, the road is accessible for people having some time at disposal to become acquainted with the greatest attractions of the park. Even a one-day excursion from Gondar will be an unforgettable experience worth the effort required by the journey. To an equal extent, the Park of the Bale Mountains is situated on a high-altitude plateau with volcanic cones and mountain peaks, picturesquely rising above it. Beautiful mountains lakes and streams rushing down the slopes across the deep crevices emphasize the appeal of the place. In the Bale, horse tourism is popular.

As one enters higher and higher, it is possible to observe the changing vegetation from the coppices of the common juniper to moorlands and meadows of Alpine character. In the course of the rain period, the meadows are covered with colourful, flowery carpets. The National Park of the Bale Mountains is the largest area of African-Alpine environment on the entire continent. A visit to it provides an opportunity for mountain walking, rides of horsebacks and mules. In this manner, it is possible to admire impeccable nature, which is difficult to be found anywhere else on our planet.


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