Why travel and tour to Ethiopia?

Why travel and tour to Ethiopia
Our Mission:

Our primary mission and aim are to provide a quality service to make the experience of our customers unforgettable and earn the maximum benefit in return by playing our part in our region, Ethiopia; for further job creation and economic growth. Our key goal is to always find a way for our customers to explore and encounter by traveling memorable experiences beyond their horizon! In addition, our mission is to provide our international clients with sustainable trips and, at the same time, foster an understanding of sustainability among our domestic suppliers, in compliance with our sustainability strategy.

Ethiopia is an extraordinary country, and the only one in Africa, except for Egypt, with such a rich history and with an original culture, the lifespan of which encompasses hundreds of years.

Ethiopia is very heterogeneous. The North of it is the mainstay of Christianity, thanks to which fact Ethiopia is sometimes referred to as the Island of Black Christianity, surrounded by the Sea of Islam. Travelling south, one will find themselves in real Black Africa, in which the passage of time came to a standstill several centuries ago. For several centuries, the Muslim East has been under the influence of nations from the Arabian Peninsula. In Axum, the legendary Ark of the Covenant, which contains the tables which Moses received from God, is stored. However, no one is ever permitted to see it, except for the appointed guardian, who then serves in this capacity throughout their entire life. 

Ethiopia is a large country offering an incredible variety of natural, cultural and historical attractions. Its uniquely diversified climatic and landscape conditions makes it a habitat for numerous animals. Especially the population of birds, many of which can only be found in Ethiopia, is very big. After rain, the soil in Ethiopia is ornamented with a ‘carpet’ of colourful flowers. Also the amount of endemic plants is bigger than in most African countries.