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Prepare for your Ethiopia travel with expert tips and advice. Learn about the local customs, best time to visit, packing essentials, and more. Ensure a smooth and enriching journey to Ethiopia with our practical travel tips.

Sheba and Salomon

A piece of epic poetry, titled Kebra Nagast, which means The Glory of Kings, constitutes for Ethiopians the only truth about their history. One part

Ethiopian Cuisine

Traditional Ethiopian cuisine provides the true richness of clearly-recognizable tastes. It is based upon, first and foremost, spicely-conditioned vegetables and meat dishes. The basic condiment

Coffe and chat

COFFEE Drinking coffee (which in the Amharic language is called „buna”) is an essential element of culture in Ethiopia. It is believed that the Ethiopian

Saint George's Church in Lalibela

List of UNESCO

ON THE WORLD HERITAGE LIST OF UNESCO Ethiopian travel agency Timeless Ethiopia arranges trips to each of these destinations. AXUM The origins of the Kingdom

Birding – bird watching

It is said to be an ornithologist’s paradise. 850 species of birds (16 of them are endemic) inhabit Ethiopia. Having an extensive highland surrounded by

Trekking in Ethiopia

On the territory of Ethiopia, there is an enormous plateau stretching at the altitude between 2000 and 3000 meters above the sea level. In the

Magic Land of Ethiopia

Ethiopia – a world apart, an ancient land, the birthplace of the human race. We have just returned from a 6-week journey so amazing that

A priest from Lalibela shows Ethiopian crosses.

Why travel and tour to Ethiopia?

Welcome to the land of ancient history, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant culture – Ethiopia. Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is a country filled

People of the Mursi tribe, Omo Valley

Tribal Culture in Ethiopia

Omo Valley “The Last Wilderness of Ethiopia”: A Journey into Nature’s Untouched Beauty Tour Omo Valley Tribes Tucked away in the southwestern cornerstone of Ethiopia,

Festivals in Ethiopia

TIMKET (THE FESTIVAL OF THE THREE MAGI – EPIPHANY) Timket is the most colourful festival in Ethiopia, in the course of which priests carry to

Ethiopia – basic informations

Ethiopia (previously, also referred to as Abyssinia) is a country, situated in the East of Africa, in the so-called the Horn of Africa. The larger